Kentucky Area Code

Kentucky, a southeastern U.S. state, has several area codes: 270 for western Kentucky, 502 for Louisville, 606 for eastern Kentucky, and 859 for Lexington and northern Kentucky. These codes facilitate regional telecommunications.

State Kentucky
State Abbreviation: KY
State Nickname: Bluegrass State Equality State
Capital City Frankfort
Area Codes 270, 502, 606, 859
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
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What time zone is Kentucky?

Kentucky primarily follows Eastern Time (ET), UTC-5 during Standard Time (EST), and UTC-4 during Daylight Saving Time (EDT). Some areas in western Kentucky may observe Central Time (CT) during Standard Time (CST).

Note that the start and end dates of daylight saving time can change


Kentucky's area code history reflects its growth and evolving telecommunications needs. Originally served by Area Code 502 when the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) began in 1947, the state later witnessed changes due to population growth. In 1954, Area Code 606 was introduced for eastern Kentucky. Further expansion led to the creation of Area Code 270 for western Kentucky. These adjustments ensured efficient phone number allocation while maintaining reliable communication across the state.

All Area Codes in Kentucky

This table provides a quick overview of all area codes, their locations, and some historical context for each.

Area Code Location History and Details
270 Western Kentucky Serves western Kentucky, including cities like Bowling Green and Owensboro.
502 Louisville Covers the Louisville metropolitan area, the largest city in Kentucky.
606 Eastern Kentucky Designated for eastern Kentucky, serving cities like Ashland and Pikeville.
859 Lexington and Northern Kentucky Primarily serves the Lexington metropolitan area and northern Kentucky, including cities like Lexington and Covington.

Largest Cities in Kentucky with area codes

Quick overview of large cities, their area codes, and some historical context for each in Kentucky.

Name Area Code History and Details
Louisville 502 Kentucky's largest city, known for its vibrant arts scene, historical districts, and the Kentucky Derby, a famous horse racing event.
Lexington 859 The second-largest city in Kentucky, renowned for horse breeding and equestrian events, as well as the University of Kentucky.
Bowling Green 270 Kentucky's third-largest city, famous for the National Corvette Museum and Mammoth Cave National Park.
Owensboro 270 Known for its bluegrass music heritage and the International Bluegrass Music Museum.
Covington 859 A city in northern Kentucky, part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area, with a rich history and historic districts.
Frankfort 502 The state capital of Kentucky, known for the Kentucky State Capitol and its historical significance.
Hopkinsville 270 Famous for its annual Solar Eclipse Festival and as a prime location to view the 2017 total eclipse.
Richmond 859 Home to Eastern Kentucky University and offering a blend of history and outdoor activities.