Hawaii Area Code

Hawaii area codes are numerical prefixes used in telephone numbers to identify specific geographic regions within the state. The primary area code for Hawaii is 808, covering all the Hawaiian Islands. An overlay of 808 was introduced to meet the growing demand for phone numbers while retaining the existing code. These area codes play a crucial role in routing telephone calls within the state.

State Hawaii
State Abbreviation: HI
State Nickname: Aloha State Equality State
Capital City Honolulu
Area Codes 808
Timezone Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone (HAST)
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What time zone is Hawaii?

Hawaii's area codes, including 808, follow the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone (HAST), which is UTC-10:00. Unlike many states, Hawaii does not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST), maintaining a consistent time offset throughout the year.

Note that the start and end dates of daylight saving time can change


Hawaii has a single area code, 808, which covers the entire state and has not been split or overlaid with additional codes. This straightforward approach has been maintained over the years, reflecting Hawaii's unique island status in the Pacific Ocean.

All Area Codes in Hawaii

This table provides a quick overview of all area codes, their locations, and some historical context for each.

Area Code Location History and Details
808 Hawaii The primary and original area code for the entire state of Hawaii, covering all Hawaiian Islands.

Largest Cities in Hawaii with area codes

Quick overview of large cities, their area codes, and some historical context for each in Hawaii.

Name Area Code History and Details
Honolulu Oahu The capital and largest city of Hawaii, known for its beautiful beaches, historic sites, and vibrant city life.
Hilo Hawaii Island The largest town on the Big Island, known for its lush rainforests and natural beauty.
Kailua Oahu A beach town on the windward (eastern) side of Oahu, famous for its stunning beaches and outdoor activities.
Waipahu Oahu A town in the Ewa District of Oahu, home to a diverse community.
Mililani Oahu A planned community in central Oahu with a mix of residential areas and parks.
Kaneohe Oahu Located on the windward side of Oahu, known for its picturesque bay and marine activities.
Lahaina Maui A historic town on the island of Maui, popular for its beaches, art galleries, and cultural attractions.
Kahului Maui A town on Maui known for its airport and as a gateway to the island's attractions.